Estranged Grieving: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

sometimes, a death in the family means cousins and casseroles. and sometimes — for one reason or another — it means figuring it out on your own. while questioning your grieving process is normal (should i be crying more? is it too soon to wear a halter top?), the doubt can be heightened when there’s no one around who’s dealing with the loss, too. when that happens, you might just need to create your own ceremony. here are some tips for D.I.Y mourning, compiled after my estranged father passed away in May 2018.

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before I moved to NY, i crowdsourced the best the city had to offer — the best places to be sad, the best places for to find cheap juice, the best places to get ugly on the dance floor. i combined my friends' suggestions with my own discoveries (and added in libraries and city council information because, you know, i'm a forever dweeb). enjoy!